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What Our Patients Say

Your satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do

"I had tried to have a baby for 14 years and had IVF four times. Since I came to see Shulan, I was prescribed Chinese herbs to improve the regularity of my menstrual cycle and to help me conceive. I saw Shulan every two weeks to modify my herbs as my symptoms began to change.

After 3 months of herbs I became pregnant. Dr Shulan continued with the medicine to prevent any miscarriage. The last time I came to see Shulan was to present her with a picture of my lovely new born baby. Thanks Shulan Clinic Manchester, I’ll definitely be back.”

Ellen Brooke

Sarah Richmond

Treated for physical and emotional problems

Henry Cunningham

"I am 55 year old who had suffered with a problem for over 8 years. I needed to go to the toilet 7 to 8 times a night. The doctor was going to operate to enlarge the bladder, but 2 months before surgery, I had acupuncture and herbal medicine with Dr Shulan and all my symptoms improved. Now I can sleep a full night without getting up and I don't need surgery any more.''

Tamn Paya-Ramirez

Treated for Long COVID

Rachel Jones

"I took my daughter to Shulan when she was 4 years old, her eczema had been getting worse and she was scratching so much she made her skin bleed. She got very bad tempered and always wanted to take her clothes off when she was too hot. Dr Shulan prescribed herbal powder. My daughter took it with some honey and warm water. She was advised not to eat chocolate or chips and eat fresh fruit and cooling foods. After only 3 months her skin was cleared and she is a very happy and sweet girl now."

Ying Zhou

Treated for weight loss and back problems

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