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Our Lecturers

You will study Traditional Chinese Medicine with a team of experts drawn from across China's university and hospital system.


Dr. Min Wang, Acupuncturist 
王敏 世界中医药联合会A级注册针炙医师

He is the founder of Five Dimensional Holographic Therapy, Chief expert of the Leisure Health Professional Committee of the China Health Association, and has done extensive research on Dong's Extra Acupoints.


Dr. Jianwen Zhang.jpg

Dr. Jianwen Zhang, Director Physician, Acupuncturist
张剑文  主任医师、中医针灸师

He was born into a family of Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors and is an expert in traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions, Tui Na, acupuncture and other methods to treat complex diseases.


Dr. Huiling Yu.jpg

Dr. Huiling Yu, Deputy Director Physician, Acupuncturist
余辉玲   副主任医师、中医针灸师、“中和医派”专家

She is a member of Guxi branch of the Acupotomy Practitioners Association of China, the Chinese Society for Clinical Research Medicine and the International Union for Innovation in Naturopathy.



Dr. Fuxing Wang, Director Physician, Academic successor of Huang Yuanyu
王复兴  主任医师、黄元御学术传人

Accomplished at treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis, Cardiomyopathy and Myocarditis. His prescription of "Yushang San, “Zhixue San” Jiegu San” has a significant effect on the treatment of fracture pain.


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